A Journey to Freedom, in Christ, for All

Who is STEPS for?

You don’t have to stay depressed, discouraged or chronically defeated as a believer!
STEPS is for believers in Christ and those coming to Christ, who feel they are stuck or weighed down by the effects of their sin choices and/or the sin choices of others in the present or past. STEPS is for those who are dealing with grief, strongholds of sin, spiritual boredom, lack of purpose/direction, chronic pain, broken relationships, chronic discouragement, lack of worth, persistent inadequacy, insecurities, fear of rejection, or working through a traumatic event. STEPS is for those who are looking to overcome something in Christ that they’ve not been able to overcome on their own. If you are in need of freedom, STEPS is for you!

What is STEPS?

STEPS is a Christ-centered 13-week intensive experience that helps you pursue freedom in Christ from sin and suffering by teaching you to know and live out a consistently abundant life in Jesus Christ! You will learn and experience what it means to live in God’s design for life, for your life uniquely, and embrace the freedom found only in Christ's redemption. Jesus said, “You will know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.” It is this overcoming, freedom providing Truth that is the focus of each STEPS session. As you begin to know His Truth, STEPS will provide the opportunities for you to experience His Freedom in every part of your life!

For more questions regarding STEPS please contact Doug Mingus, our Spiritual Formations Pastor at doug@northland.cc or (785) 286-1204.