This isn’t just a youth group; this is a movement. Our mission is to reach students where they are and lead them to passionately follow Jesus. We are more than a mass of students, we are a movement of students, adult leaders, and parents who are passionate about making a difference for God’s Kingdom right here and now.


Join the NSM fam every Sunday night at 6:30pm for about 30 minutes as we hang out, play some games, and talk about living out our faith in everyday life! We will be streaming on both our Facebook page and Youtube Channel, so be sure to either like or subscribe!



NSM meets on Sunday nights from 6-8pm. We create an environment where every student can belong while discovering Jesus and being transformed by him. On a Sunday night you can expect:


In the chaos that can be a student’s schedule, we provide weekly opportunities to slow down and refocus on what matters most; the God who loves them immensely.


Following Jesus today can be extremely tough. Every message student’s hear will point them to the truth of who God is, what following Jesus looks like today, and how they can impact the world around them with the gospel.


We were made to do life together. Students are placed into small groups with their peers and adult leaders where they process life, faith, and what it means to follow Jesus together.

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If you have made the decision to follow Jesus, baptism is one of the best next steps for you in your faith journey! Baptism is the public expression of the life change that Jesus had done in you!


We all have gifts and passions that Jesus wants us to use! We want to help you get connected to areas where you can use your unique gifts, talents, and passions in the best way possible.


Study Lounge at Northland is an opportunity for our middle and high school students (7th-12th) to do work on school work and have a little socialization in a safe, secure, and reliable environment.

We will have tutors available that can be scheduled to help as students need them. The Study lounge will happen weekly on Wednesdays from 7:30 am to to 12pm. We are taking social distancing precautions as well as requiring masks for students until they reach their study area.



Life is done better, together! Life groups are small group environments that will be happening during the week at different locations with a goal of deeper discipleship. Students will be able to process different topics and issues that they are encountering in their faith walks with their small group leaders. During the groups, students will have fun, connect Interested in joining a life group? Click the link below and we’ll take it from there!


We all have gifts and passions that Jesus wants us to use! We want to help you get connected to areas where you can use your unique gifts, talents, and passions in the best way possible! Below are some potential areas where we have students serving: 

Northland Kids: Do you have a desire to help lead the next generation, K-6th grade, to be passionate followers of Jesus in an engaging and awesome environment? This may be the place for you!

Cafe Team: Love coffee and talking to people? You can use your gifts to help make our guests feel welcome on Sunday mornings!

Welcome team: First impressions matter to us! You can help each and every guest feel welcome and important through many different opportunities!

Creative Arts Team: Do you have a passion for music and A/V things? You can use your gifts on this team to help make our services happen weekly!

BAPTISM Life change happens here at NSM and we want to help you take some  next steps in your journey! If you believe in Jesus as your Savior than you may be ready for the next step of obedience and celebration that is baptism, or publicly showing the life change that has happened to you because of Jesus! Interested in being baptized? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you!



The book of Romans is one of the greatest explanations of the Gospel we have in Scripture. There is so much truth found in this letter how the Good News of Jesus directly impacts our lives today, over 2000 years later. Join us over these next 5 weeks as we dive into this series! 

Who are we around others? Who do we feel like we need to be in order to be loved? Sometimes we wear masks around thinking that we need to be anything else in order to be accepted, in order to survive. But we are only called to be who God has created us to be. We are called to be free from the masks we wear.

This 4-week series covers the topic of identity and false identity, teaching students the reality of masks in our lives and how to begin the process to take those masks off and live in the freedom of who we really are.

October 2023


GAMES. CANDY. INFLATABLES. FOOD TRUCKS. AND MORE! What a fantastic opportunity ...
29 Oct
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Northland Christian Church
3102 NW Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS 66617
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Matt Cooper
Student Ministry Pastor
(785) 286-1204