NSM is making the change to Thursday nights! One of the things we value most here at Northland is radically investing in the next generation. Here at NSM, we want to continue to radically invest in your students through a mid-week opportunity! We believe the best is yet to come for us at NSM! Below are some questions we have gotten along the way. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact our student pastor, Matt Cooper, with your questions. His email is mcooper@northland.cc!

FAQS for the upcoming change!

What is NSM?

Northland Student Ministry or NSM for short!

Why Thursdays? 

We believe in creating a midweek option to invest in our students lives. For us, the weekend is never enough, especially when the problems students face often happen during the week. Also we think that this gives our students an easier opportunity to invite their friends to check out NSM! They see their friends during the week more than they do the weekend, which gives them a better opportunity to invite and bring a friend with them to an event/large group gathering that happens during the weekdays!

What time?


Why not Wednesdays? 

We currently host an amazing program on Wednesday nights for our kids called Awana. For us to be able to do Wednesdays would require both the student ministry and the children ministry to radically change how they currently operate their programs. Thursday nights allow both programs to keep being successful!

What if my student plays sports?

We have discovered that there is not one “good” night that sports or other activities will not happen on. After many conversations and research, we discovered that most practices for sports end by 6 pm. The 6:30 start time gives students the opportunity to attend the practice and still make it in time for NSM to start!

What about my son or daughters small group leader?

At NSM, small groups are the most important thing we do! We believe that life change comes in the form of the authentic community that happens in small groups. We have had numerous conversations with our small group leaders and they are on board, excited and passionate about this change! All this means that your child’s small group will remain the same! In fact, we would have not considered making the change if this weren’t possible!

Is the format changing from Sunday night?

What we will be doing on a Thursday night will be extremely similar to our normal Sunday night programming. We will be having times for building community, having fun, worship,  large group teaching, and small group discussion! Everything we do at NSM is to provide students an opportunity to encounter and grow with Jesus, build authentic relationships, and find a place that they are able to come as they are and be accepted and loved for just being them!